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Thursday, March 24, 2011

An eye for an eye will live the world blind!

I took this picture today this are two of my friends... They seem to be arguing but they were not! haha any way...

Sometimes when someone makes something bad to us, we just wanna take revenge on them, but let me tell you something DON'T I know most of the time karma doesn't work at all, and we want to take care of the thing by our own hands, but all you're gonna do is waste your time... You're going to five too much importance to something that just doesn't worth it, so just say to yourself "I'm better than this" smile and keep walking, don't take revenge, and stop the fight there, distract your mind and do something productive, 'cause after taking revenge you won't feel any better... Not for a long time I mean, the "revenge happiness" las a couple of hours, maybe a day but you might regret it some day so just don't!!

So this is it!! If you want to you can tell me if am I right or not... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good girls love bad boys!

This guys are not together... Not at all hahaha they're just the models of the picture!!!!

Hello readers (if there's anyone besides Penny) hahaha! When I though about this post I wasn't thinking about myself... I was thinking about girls in general and why the good ones always get a broken heart! And after thinking a lot i realized that GOOD GIRLS LOVE BAD BOYS!! You can always see this sweet nice girl who has never smoke or even drink, dating a guy that spend all his time doing bad things, getting into fights... Maybe this is the boy's fault 'cause day boys don't like to be judge! They just wanna be whit a pretty stupid girl that they can trust on... You know what?? STOP BEING THAT STUPID GIRL!! Don't be so permissive!! I'm not talking about becoming a bitch but if a guy is a bad influence or he doesn't treat you as you deserve dump him! Don't wait till he breaks your heart!!

So this is it.. This one might sound kind of different from my past posts... But I just see this kind of things happening all the time and it really piss me off!! Well tomorrow i'll post something a lit more soft hahaha c ya tomorrow with a new post aaah!! And if you know any girl like this I describe send this to her!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't get drunk... Tipsy is better!!!

First I want to say sorry!! Yesterday I was incredibly tired and I couldn't post!! But ok... This is it!!!!! :D
Ok I took this picture in a little party with my friends... They were smoking a water pipe... I really hate those things... Hahaha but any way we turn off the lights, we put a flash light on the scene and this was the result!!!

Have you realized that when you go parting all you wanna do is drink?.. That's perfectly find if and only if, you know when to stop. For example I can't drink rum, it doesn't matter if it's just one glass or the whole bottle, It'd end really bad... Of course I'm not telling you to stop parting or stop drinking NOT AT ALL! I'm taking about drinking enough to be happy... Tipsy!! but not that much to get totally drunk!! So the next time you go out remember to eat before you go, drink water in between drinks and enjoy the thing in a good way... Don't let the pictures on your camera be you're only memory of the night!!!

So this is it... Sorry again about yesterday and C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You're never too old to have fun!

Hello people!! I took this picture like in december but i still think is really nice 'cause is like very spontaneous!!!

This is Penny one of my best friends... In this picture she was just playing with her hair making a mustache... I don't think she realized I took the picture!!
I'm posting this picture 'cause i think i might remind you that you're never too old to have fun or make silly things... Because when you do it life seems to be easier, and funnier!! So please don't ever stop making stupid things, playing around or doing what you feel like (only good things of course) So get out, stand up from this computer and run, go and take a walk with your dog... Draw a mustache in your face or in someone else's face!! But please do not think life is a monotony 'cause if you think that... Then you're not been silly enough!!!!

So this is today's post and I hope you'd take my advice!! C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It was just a dream!

This is the new post... I made it with light painting... It's kind of easy!! I just went to a black room and put a flash light into an owl puppet, i move the poppet in front of the camera with a very slow shutter speed and after like 10 pictures this one just came out and i knew it was the one!!!

When i took this photo i realized that it really looked like a dream or some kind of nightmare... And then i became thinking how many times we have this weird dreams and then we wake up thinking it was real... Well it happens to me really often, almost every day... And when I stand up is when i really can breath again and say... "It was just a dream!" For example this picture could be an image of something scary that is coming right after me in a dream... Don't you have this kind of freaky dreams?? If you do tell me about it!!!

So this is it love you guys and C ya tomorrow with a new and different post!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nice Breakfast!!!

That's my college food fair... I took that picture for the "community photography project" but the teacher hate it... Don't know why 'cause i really like it :p

He is Herman!! One of my best friends... He's my classmate... and he is always saying he needs to diet but as you can see... He's always eating so... hahaha!! I think that this kind of pictures that maybe today are not very important, in the future is gonna be the only real memory of how our life was... I really can suggest you to do the same I did and start shooting pictures of everyone you know in the places you mostly are and doing normal things... 'Cause one day we'll see the picture and we might remember what was it like when we were in college, in school or even at home!...

Hope you like it and you start shooting this type of photos so... C ya tomorrow with a new full color post!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stairway to heaven

This are the stairs to my university's food fair!! I can call them stairway to heave 'cause that fair is my favorite place... I took this picture at midday... And you know the thing you can see that's painted on the stairs... Is a white hand that saids "UCABISTAS JUSTICIA" Ucabistas is the adjective of the students and Justicia is Justice... It's some kind of protest in opposition to the government... But that's another story!!!

Don’t you have a spot in your school, collage or even in your home that you feel it more yours than any other place? Well I do!! And for me it’ll be the fair in my university! Is not because of the food… Yes is awesome to have a Wong-xpress, Subway, chipa-cookies but is not because of that stuff that i like it... I really like it because of the people, the view of the gardens, the environment around me and of course because that's the place where I always meet with my friends... Because maybe we have different time tables or what ever but we always find 5 minutes to hang out in the Fair!!

Do you have that cool place in your life?? If you do tell me about it or take a picture of it... So this is it c ya tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We should never stop learning

I took this picture today… It was for a proyect called “comunity” and i thought… Nothing can be better than using my own University to do it… So this is one of my classrooms and this are my fellers, I really don't know who's the girl with the hand up... But anyway!.. 

Have you ever asked yourself what’s gonna happend when you finally end your studies? Well i had and my own answer is… Nothing i’ll never stop learning i mean of course i wanna work in the future but that doesn’t mean i’m gonna ever stop learning. I know sometimes we have to attend to some classes and we ask our selves "What am I doing here?" And I have an answer for you... Just learning... Everything you can understand now is always gonna be useful for your future so be open minded and start enjoying your classes 'cause you don't know what you can learn that day that you will use for the rest of your life.

So this is it and i hope you like it... Tomorrow i might publish a picture of my friends i'm not sure but... C ya tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do you believe in magic?

Hi!! So this post is about magic… I took this picture for a photography proyect I was working on. I took it in the night and i had to wait like 40 seconds for the camera to take it… And if you see it really carefully it looks like some kind of magic picture, i really don’t know why hahaha

So yes!! I do believe in magic… And i’m not talking about the magic tricks you can see in Las Vegas… Noo!! I’m telling you I believe in the unknowed magic like in Harry Potter’s world or the magic of the witches!! Hahaha don’t know but actually one of my favorite movies is Marry Poppins and i took this picture inspired on it… Do you remember the part that Marry climbs throw the handrail? it’s like my favorite part so… I know the picture is nothig compared but is inspired on that specific part!! I think it really looks like a paint or a segment of a movie, is one of my favorite photos of the project :)

I really hope you liked it and tomorrow i’ll be here with a new post!!! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

A simple smile can make everything much better!

This is Mari, a friend of mine... I like to call her one of my VIP!! She's a great friend but much more she has the most amazing smile you would ever see!!

I took this picture this way because one day a really good photography teacher told me that sometimes the picture is not in the whole face... Maybe it can be just in a small part of it, and I really think this is it! Because it's not a fake smile, or a picture smile, is a real and genuine "i'm having fun" smile... That's why i love it and I hope you like it to... So don't ever forget to be happy and to smile because life is too short to be sad!

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.

This is a really nice small poem about what a real smile can cause!! So hope you like it and tomorrow i might post a full color picture... Don't know jet so... C ya tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paparazzi time!

Do you know this actress?? You really should she is one of my favorites... Naaah i'm kidding actually she is my mother!! I took this picture last week, because we went to the beach and it was like pure casualty, I mean, I only took one picture of her, but I really think it was enough. Hahaha she really looks like those actresses that always appeared in the magazines.

Well my mom and I... We are really close, and I really think we have an amazing relationship, for example... I love to go to the cinema and watch those french or german movies that nobody likes... Well my mom likes that too so... She's like my movie partner, and we go to the cinema at least once a week!

That's my mom, and I love her... So c ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Venezuelan Beauty

This is my sister... Her name is Alejandra yes yes like the song... I took this picture because I wanted to try pictures with natural light so we went out to the garden and... This was the result. I think that I took like 100 pictures before this one, but when i saw this photo i knew it was the right one!

Really i don't know why but... Have you notice that pictures in Black and White sometimes look much betters than photos with color... I really don't know the reason, maybe is because with B/W it looks like antique or something, or maybe because we appreciate more the light on the scene... Don't know!!

Well this is todays picture and i hope you liked it... Tomorrow I'll may post something a littler bit different!! So... c ya tomorrow!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Who I am!!

So... Who am i?? Mmm I'm a girl... As you can see... But i'm a lot of things i'm this kind of weird girl who likes to do strange things like writing movie scrips or making remakes of video clips and sometimes I also love to write things nobody is gonna read ever like this :D
But as I always say... To write on the internet is like writing in the sand... You just do it for fun!!!

My real passion is photography. You know that kind of people that you can see on the streets running with a huge camera pretending to do something really important... Well that could be me!! Hahaha i take thousands of pictures everyday but i don't publish them 'cause sometimes I just think they are not good enough... Well i think i'm making this too long and you might be bored by now so... This is who I am, this is my first post and I really hope you like it..! 

From tomorrow I'll start posting a picture everyday and I'll write about the picture and about my life... So c ya tomorrow!!!!!!!