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Thursday, June 30, 2011


This was a pic from when I was going to Oxford, but It works!
Hello readers!!

A couple of days ago, I posted about the possibility of moving to Spain... I didn't tell you if I'm or I'm not going... Well... I AM GOING!!! I'm really exited and scared at the same time, it's a whole new place where i'm moving to, but the most important thing I can tell you about is... Changes

Changing is one of the hardest things to do when growing up, changes imply, much more than a different life, a different perspective of life. Every change is like a little push to mature. I was wondering how's gonna be to live all be myself (I'll live in a residence but anyway...) what would it feels like to be an foreign person? All those qst and many others, are the ones that I'm asking myself right now... But after all I'm not scar of changing, I even look at it as a new adventure... Not change, not adventures...
What would you prefer??

Today's song: Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan

So this is it... I'm incredibly happy so, C ya tomorrow with a new - old written post!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best memories!!

Last night I was remembering when I was in Oxford... Almost a year ago, time goes by so fast sometimes, so I started thinking... Witch of all the things I did are the best memories... Then I realized it's the smallest things, one class describing houses, or maybe the day I drop my ice-cream (The last vanilla ice-cream btw)... I'm telling you this 'cause I didn't have a big love there, or a magical adventure, I just live there for a while and the things I remember the most, are the simplest and smallest...

The day I went out with many friends, and I asked for olives, 'cause I though it was a full meal
I remember every detail of that dinner.

The day we went to London, and we were with this annoying spanish dude... He wanted to go back to EF,
so we decided to piss him off and we went to lunch in a boat, we were not hungry... So we took a million pics  

Aawww the day I bough my new pair of converses, I was so incredibly sad...
But the other ones had like 10 holes, so it was hard to walk with them.
This day... We were in London again, and Gaby's hair got tangled
in the police officer vest...It was hilarious I laugh like for an our...

This and many many other things, but I don't have pictures of them... So when you travel, don't think that the greatest things will be the best memories, I know It'll be good ones, but nothing compared to the small things!

Today's song --> Tik tok - Ke$ha 

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a... Mmm surprise about what's going on in my life :D 

Monday, June 27, 2011

The morning quotes!

Hello readers... I didn't post this weekend because I was at the beach with my friends... I had a great time there... How was your weekend??

Since last week I have been texting quotes (the famous ones) every morning, to all my friends as a "purple" blackberry message...
I decided to make this, 'cause I though... "What can be a nicer way to wake up that with a new inspirational quote on your phone, and a wish of a happy day" So, for now, people seem to be happy with it, they always comment me back... So I recommend you to do those kind of small things to make a happier and better world, or at least to make someone happy in a gray day...

Today's song: All my loving - The Beatles.

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new more reflexive post!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Every time you choose something over another thing, you're making a decision, those decisions affect a lot of people, we usually think, that a decision is something we take for ourselves that's only gonna change things for us... But is not like that... I'm  gonna show you an example...

This weekend is a long weekend, we didn't have work or classes today, so everybody is going out of the city, to the beach, to the feels and other places. My family choose to go to the farm, I was happy about it, I always have a nice time when I go there, but then my best friend told me to go to the beach, he told me many people was going, so he convinced me to go with them, that's why yesterday I told my family I wasn't going to the farm, I was going to the beach. They weren't happy about it, actually they were mad, because I told them in the last minute, and now I'm going to the beach with a kind of bad feeling inside :s

So, now I'm wondering, if I resolved to go to the beach that late, maybe I should go to the farm and forget about the beach? 'Cause now all my family is like mad at me, and of course, i'm not happy ether. I think that for the next time I'll think a little bit more how my chooses afec others, not because I'm a selfish person, but decisions are not a personal issue anymore.

Today's song: Give me everything - Pitbul

So this is it, C ya on monday (I'm gonna be out of town) with a new post...!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's your biggest fear??

A friend of mine told me once, that fears are like nightmares, if you make them public it wont happen... I hope he was right... I'm not a person that's afraid of life, but I do have some fears, this is my top three!

  • Being lonely, not alone --> It's nice sometimes to get home and be all by yourself, watch tv and relax... What isn't nice is to feel lonely... I know that we came alone to this world and it's normal to stay that way sometimes, but loneliness is like having a huge hole in my soul... U just can't stand that feeling.

  • Single forever --> Have you imagine yourself 20 years from now? I can bet you're thinking about having a good job, a family... I know there's people who's happy being single for now, because we're jung and what ever... But what about the future, when you start being older than now, to get home and to have nobody to be with... Do you wanna be single for ever? I don't 

  • To be unsuccessful --> I'm imagining that I'm 35 years old, and still not doing what I want, still not working at any audiovisual production, wasting my life, because it'w ok to waste your time once in a while, but the life? I don't think so... So me, in 14 or 15 years from now, doing none of the things I dream of... That's a fear!!!

I think those are my biggest fears, not phobias, (that will be sharks and cockroaches)... So now that I had told you I hope it wont come true anytime in the future!!!

Today's song: Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

So this is it... Tell me about your fears if you feel like doing it... C ya tomorrow with a new happier post!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A square in a circle's world

What a weird world?.. What a weird me!
Have you ever felt so different from everyone else, that you had thought "I must be an alien". Some times it happens to me! Maybe because I'm too egocentric to realized I'm like everbody else... You know, like another brick in the wall... But there are times, when I feel like I can just satand there, and watch what's happening around me, so many things, so many people, all acting just like the others! And almost immediately I say to myself "I don't wanna be another circle, I prefer to be a square in a circle's world" This might not be how you see me, you might be thinking "what an idiot"... But at least, is how I see it...

Today's song: Another brick in the wall - Pink floyd

So this is it!! C ya tomorrow with a new, less philosofical post!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Falling sleep!

Party all night, sleep all day! (8) No... Wait, stop! 
This song is awesome for summer vacations or spring brake, but is not good to apply it when you're in the middle of June, full of exams... Yeah! Right now i'm in class and I'm dying, I just wanna lie down, close my eyes and sleep... But with this professor... Is not possible!!!

Now I'm dreaming with my eyes open! I'm writing this post to keep me awake! I feel like I'm in the horrible aliens movie where the people couldn't felt sleep 'cause they dye or something... I really don't remember it very clearly! Trust me I'm trying, but I can't write about what the professor is talking about... Before I started with this post, I was just making circles on my notebook, I can't follow him (my teacher).
He's talking, and I can just hear blah blah blah, marketing blah blah blah... 

Well readers good night, or good afternoon, or good what ever... I'm gonna sleep, I can't fight this anymore haha

Today's song: Party all the time - Black eye peace 

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with another (more energetic) post!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The alcoholics favorite sport!!

I took this pic for a contest... The name of the picture is "Bowling shoes"

And I'm talking about Bowling!!!

Take the ball, run, throw it, try to drop all the pines, celebrate, pick your rum and drink…

Yeah… This is kind of a summary of what people do when Bowling… I think it’s the only sport, when you have to be at least tipsy to completly enjoy it… Bowling is a non-age sport… I first started bowling when I was 7… Now, i’m 21 and I still love it, and it’s pretty much the same than 14 years ago but with alcohol.

So if your life is stressing you out, don’t get panic, call some friends, and go to the nearest bowling place… I promess you it would relax you (Unless your problem is that you’re feeling like a loser, and you suck in bowling… If that’s your case don’t go bowling haha)

Today’s song Hey there Delilah - Plain White T's

Tell me about your favorite sport and why?
So this is it… C ya tomorrow with a new (non sport) post!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm a graduated photographer!

My graduation picture - "Someone's place" 
 Hello followers!.. Yesterday I didn't forget to post... But I couldn't, I was on my photography class, getting my degree in   Yeah ok, is not a degree, but they gave me a diploma so... That should mean something uh? I'm really happy about it!!!
But that's not all... Today I receive my script diploma (A 6 month curse that help you on script-writing) So yeah! I'm not an Audiovisual Communicator yet (That's what I'm studying in the University) but, I'm a script writer and a photographer :D

Here I live you some other pictures I took... Tell me what do you think!! :D
Someone's place
Someone's place
Estrangers - Uncommon love
The lonely walker
The way he sees it 
Smoke on the room

Don't be mad at me

Today's song is a song without lyrics Yurima - River flows in to you.

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with another post!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who gives less?

Hello readers!! Today's post is dedicated to those people that are dating, but still single...

Life, and specially love, has become a stupid competition to see, who gives less... Who text less, who cares less, everything less than the other person. It's like a stupid game where the one who falls in love, loose.
Why? Yeah less-givers, i'm talking to you!.. Don't you have beautiful feelings for that person, don't you wanna show them? Are you afraid???
Stop being a coward, take the risk... Because that game of who gives less doesn't work for ever... If you don't feel it (love), let them go, but if you feel it (love) tell that person what you think!

I don't know what's your opinion about this, but I hate it... I took the decision: I'll stop dating those losers that think "who gives less, wins"... What would you do about this? We most stop this competition!!

Today's song: Boys and girls. Good Charlotte

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a non-love post!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's not easy being cool!!

Me, me and me... I did it when I was bored!
I'm not cool at all... But just edited this pictures... And after all I think, I look kind of coolm that's today's lesson... Not everything you see in pictures is real, you don't need photoshop to make it unreal, you just have to show one side of the story!!!  I'm not on the mood for a long post today...

Song of the day: Tears of jupiter - Train

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post, with more text I hope hahaha

Monday, June 13, 2011

I wanna hold your hand...

 So this week has been a little bit hippie, it seems like i'm in a hippie mood or what ever... 
Today's post it's about the difference of song's lyrics and real life... I don't know who, or even why, someone invented those love songs that talks about unconditional love, that the other person is your world, or you are the world to the other person, because in real life is not like that... Maybe if you are high all the time or something, but really... I'm gonna display some examples for you
  1. "I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall sleep, 'cause i'll miss you babe... And I don't wanna miss a thing" WTF??? Come on dude... Nobody in the whole world it's gonna act like that never ever... (I don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith)
  2. "You don't know what it's like, baby you don't know what it's like, to love somebody the way I love you" Ok... it's kind of cute I have to admit it... But it's totally false!! Too much love to be real... (To love somebody - Bee Gees)
  3. "I can be your hero baby, I can kiss away the pain, I will stand by you forever, you can take my breath away..." Don't think so... It's like, not real  (Hero - Enrique Iglesias)
  4. "I will go down with this ship, and i won't put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door, I'm in love and always will be" Yeah!.. Always really commune  word in this type of songs...
So I say hell no... I prefer a thousand times songs with other subjects, other bands, like Green day, Cold play... Come on... Hold my hand and scream with me... Say NO to unrealistic love songs!!!!!! 

Today's song... I wanna hold your hand - Beatles 

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Down by the river

I hope you know that song... Down by the river... Anyway I live you the video there so you can refresh your mind a bit!!!

This time i'm gonna post 3 pictures... Because in photography classes, we had to bring 3 pics representing that song... Here are my pictures!

So for this assignment, I asked my sister and her boyfriend to act for me. So this was the result... 'Cause when I listened I thought about, a happy couple, that were high and he kills her, so then, when he realized what he did... He starts crying...
That's how I see it... Tell me about any song that makes you feel different, or show me pictures that represent your fav song...

Today's song: Down by the river - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I don't wanna fall in love... I wanna fall in chocolate!

This was for a project... Taking pictures to strangers!
People is always talking about what awesome is to be in love, and to fall in love... I can't deny it, but I really think I prefer to fall in chocolate! That's why falling in love is not the best of the best, falling in chocolate is much better!
I mean, try to think this way... When you have a boyfriend he always give you little gifts, and they mostly are CHOCOLATE!.. Do you know why?? Because, they know we don't like falling in love as much as we would like to fall in chocolate!
So the next time you see your boyfriend remember to tell him this!!

P.S: For now on, i'm gonna write the name of a song I really like so you can download it... 

Song: Burning in the skies - Linkin Park

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is that you?

So yeah... That's supposed to be a paint of Marii (My friend of the picture), but as you can see, it's nothing like her!!
When I'm like really really bored, I love painting, making dolls, trying to draw my friends... But I really suck on it...
What I'm kind of good in, is drawing rooms, not rooms i've ever seen before, not, rooms that only exist in my head... It like one of my weirdest things... I used to have like 200 of this draws but... Guess what... I lost them somehow, somewhere... And I just found this ones... Hope you like them!!! ('Cause if you think the draw of Marii it's better than the rooms... You're sick) hahaha

Well this one is not a room.. But i like it very much!

Abandoned room... 2006

Weird room 2009

Clean kitchen 2011

So this is it pretty much... Tomorrow I'll post something about the past.. I think you'll like it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If I could imagine a different life...

This morning in computer class... I was looking at some pictures from a friend of mine, who's living in the USA in New York, so I became wondering what if... I could live a different life, anything I wanted!.. So I'm gonna describe it for you, and you can tell me if your life is somehow similar to my dream life...

First of all, I will live in Oxford, I visit it last summer and I realized that's the perfect city for me. It's not too small, not too big, with a cold nice weather, good universities and nice people!!

My house will look like this one... With stairs to the river... The typical british house, not to big, not to small!!!

I will work in a small, local tv producer in Oxford, that one day will be really famous.

I will be married with a cute guy (Hey this one is just a friend I really don't like him haha but i needed a picture)

This will be pretty much my dream life... A town life, quiet, pacific, nothing really expensive... Aaah dreams, dreams... It's so easy to wonder things... And so hard to get them.!

So this is it... If you like it, don't think too much and comment it, tell me about your own dream life... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I wont sleep tonight!

This morning my best friend, who lives in Spain, told me that the post office sent her a letter saying that, the answer of my request for studying in the Universidad de Jaume in Spain has arrived...

I'm really nervous, because, i'm here in Venezuela and I can't go and read the letter, and my friend can't go tomorrow to pick it up... So I think this two days are gonna be the hardest days of my life... I'm already sweating, and shaking, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!

I've being waiting for this letter since April, and suddenly, it's here, I don't have to wait anymore, my destiny is written in a simply piece of paper, in the other side of the world. I'm just about to find out if I'm moving away, if I'm gonna live in another country, if I'm definitely gonna leave my university, my friends and my family to be independent for the first time... I'm scare, but happy... I'm crying while i'm writing this.

But I'm sure of one thing... No matter what happens it'll be the best for me, destiny will talk to me tomorrow and I must accept what it has to tell me!!

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new full of drama post!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A streetcar named desire.

I took this picture in London... I know it's not a streetcar,
but I didn't had any streetcar's picture...

Yes!! I'm talking about the Tennessee William's screenplay... If you don't know it click it here for a synopsis...

As you might now, i'm studying social communications, 'cause in the future I wanna be a director.. Maybe a movie director, a tv show director, or even a play director.
So at school we have this signature called "Performing arts" in that class you're supposed to chose a play, adapt it to 15 minutes play... And present it at the end of the semester, so we (my team work and I) chose A streetcar named desire! Can you imagine, how many times, I read the original scrip (2:45 minutes play) To take the general idea of the play, and show it to the audience in 15 minutes? Well, let me answer you that... I saw the movie 3 times, and I read the scrip 2... (I read some summaries and opinions too...)
Ok talking about the play: It has many archetypes, such as the rude, foreign men... (Stanley), the rich girl who abandoned her house for love (Stella), the rich girl who has a whole life full of bad behavior, she wants to hide (Blanche).
This time my role is Stella... I really felt identified with her, I mean, she left everything she has just for love... But at the end she was wondering.. Is it worth it? At the same time, me and Marii are the screen-writters, producers, directors of the play!! It's a enormous responsibility we took, and we had argues, with the other part of the team, we had time troubles, a lot of pressure... But at the end it worth it, because now i think i really like how's everything going on...
Maybe this could be the first step to the rest of my life (BAD PHRASE) but, what I really meant to say is that, after doing this maybe I realized, I do have that "thing" you need to have to make it real!..

Of course is not the first audio-visual thing I do... I used to act in theaters when I was a child (even in a grown-ups play, once) I love filming my self doing video-clips or even writing scrips just when i'm bored...

My favorite phrase of the play is said by Blanche (we place it at the end, to make a strong final scene) so it's something like this (I say something 'cause I just read the scrip in spanish) "I never tell lies, I tell things that should be true" For me... That's like a perfect twitter phrase... What do you think?

So this is it... I'll keep reading the scrip till i completely know it, and c ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello readers!!! Two weeks ago, at night I was pretty bored in my room, so I started searching youtube videos, and for a coincidence I found a hair tutorial... So I try to make the look and after 3 tries... I did it... After all it was all a freaky stuff, I simply couldn't stop making hairstyle's tutorials!!! I even try 4 or 5 styles on night!!!
I'm a really obsessive girl, so when I start doing something I can't stop! It has happen to me with several things... First it was msn, then it was facebook, then playing The Sims, After that studying (yeah trust me you can really get obsess by that too), after was with writing, then with twitter, then with going to the movies, taking photos... (I still do freakily often many of this activities) And now, I got obsess with hairstyles... Maybe it's because I always had short hair till now, or because I have plenty of free time... I don't know but... I'm gonna give you an advice if you are planning to get obsess with something, try it to be a good stuff... Not a bad habit!!!

This are some of the hairstyles I had been doing!!!

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

An empty classroom

This morning I arrived to my university, and I found out that my class room was empty...
In my country most of the classes start at 7 am (I know that's too early) but, if that's the rule, everybody should get there on time. I spend half an our almost alone in the class room, befor even the teacher appears, so I started wondering why is this happening? And I figured out that if anyone is supervising the teachers, them won't ever be on time, and if the teachers are never there on time, what kind of weird student in the world would be there at 7? The answer is me! I just can't break that kind of rules, it doesn't matter if everyone does, I simply can't, for me is almost impossible to get to a place at 8 if the time-table says you must be there at 7...
So please people, we just have 2 options, One, is that I start getting late more often, and, the second one is, that everyone can make an effort to get on time!
So yeah I wrote this while I was alone in the class room waiting for the teacher, and the rest of the students arrive!!

So this is it... I'll try to be late more often and I hope they'd try to get earlier for a change. C ya tomorrow with a new full pictures post!!!