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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A streetcar named desire.

I took this picture in London... I know it's not a streetcar,
but I didn't had any streetcar's picture...

Yes!! I'm talking about the Tennessee William's screenplay... If you don't know it click it here for a synopsis...

As you might now, i'm studying social communications, 'cause in the future I wanna be a director.. Maybe a movie director, a tv show director, or even a play director.
So at school we have this signature called "Performing arts" in that class you're supposed to chose a play, adapt it to 15 minutes play... And present it at the end of the semester, so we (my team work and I) chose A streetcar named desire! Can you imagine, how many times, I read the original scrip (2:45 minutes play) To take the general idea of the play, and show it to the audience in 15 minutes? Well, let me answer you that... I saw the movie 3 times, and I read the scrip 2... (I read some summaries and opinions too...)
Ok talking about the play: It has many archetypes, such as the rude, foreign men... (Stanley), the rich girl who abandoned her house for love (Stella), the rich girl who has a whole life full of bad behavior, she wants to hide (Blanche).
This time my role is Stella... I really felt identified with her, I mean, she left everything she has just for love... But at the end she was wondering.. Is it worth it? At the same time, me and Marii are the screen-writters, producers, directors of the play!! It's a enormous responsibility we took, and we had argues, with the other part of the team, we had time troubles, a lot of pressure... But at the end it worth it, because now i think i really like how's everything going on...
Maybe this could be the first step to the rest of my life (BAD PHRASE) but, what I really meant to say is that, after doing this maybe I realized, I do have that "thing" you need to have to make it real!..

Of course is not the first audio-visual thing I do... I used to act in theaters when I was a child (even in a grown-ups play, once) I love filming my self doing video-clips or even writing scrips just when i'm bored...

My favorite phrase of the play is said by Blanche (we place it at the end, to make a strong final scene) so it's something like this (I say something 'cause I just read the scrip in spanish) "I never tell lies, I tell things that should be true" For me... That's like a perfect twitter phrase... What do you think?

So this is it... I'll keep reading the scrip till i completely know it, and c ya tomorrow with a new post!!!


Crazy little things said...

no se por qué se me hace a dos buses juntos! jajaja

un beso!

Ata Alibrandi said...

Jajaja sii sii que parece un híbrido es muy rarito la verdad pero son muy bonitos y además tienen un aire Harry Potterioso!