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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The bright side

"There are two ways to look at life, you can complain that roses have thorns, or you can be happy that the thorns have roses" <-- @itsthingsinlife twitter

Sometimes we are so busy seeing the bad side of the things, that we can't see the bride side. I believe that everything that happens to you, has a bride side. For example: You faild an exam, so you have to study extra hours for the next on, and you can't go out one day... Haven't you think that maube, you were lucky, maybe, if you went to the party, in your wayback you could crash your car and kill yourself? Yeah, it's possible! So stop complaining about things, and try to think that destiny, always work on your favor! At least that's what I think. So the next time, something bad happens to you think that maube, it happened to avoid something worse.

This are some motivational quotes I found on twitter... Hope you like them as I do!
- If you can not live the life you love... Then try to love the life you're living  - @itsthingsinlife
- Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced - @thequotewhore
- Just because they smile, doesn't mean they're happy... They smile because they're hopeful.
- When something is 99% not going to work out, hold on to the 1% that will - @itsthingsinlife
- Don't want it perfect... Want it right - @atalibrandi
- They can't order me to stop dreaming - Cinderella
- If the goal is to have fun, life's not the party I expected, but not for that reason I'll get depress.
-You know my name, not my story
- Be yourself... Everyone else is taken
-Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else
- Beer is the proof that God love us, and wants us to be happy (Funny one)

So this is it, hope you like it and comment if you did!! C ya tomorrow with a new post

Monday, May 30, 2011

The soundtrack of my life!

Olde sweet shoppe Oxford
Do you have any song that, it doesn't matter how many times you hear it, you simply con't stop loving it? Well, I have not 1... I have 4!!!
They all make me feel, and think of many diffetent things, and everythime I hear any of them, I have to stop doing what ever I'm doing just to "feel" the song, Yeah! Feel it 'cause when you have this "soundtracks", you don't listen to them, you feel them.
Here's my list and how they make me feel and think...

Drops of Jupiter - Train: It makes me feel like, I'm just made of air, and I can fly throw the sky, that I'm invisible and I'm not a person or a thing, much more than that, I feel like I'm a emotion.
Memories - David Guetta: Time doen't exist anymore, there's not pass and not future, what I'm living right at the moment, is the only thing that's real.
Because - The Beatles: Is like anything that suronds me is amazing, everything I see is a miracle, and I feel so real that I can't avoid smiling.
Lemon tree - Fools Garden: When I listen to it, I feel like I'm in the inbetween, like in the movie Lovely Bones, a really bride place that I can control with my mind, kind of a dream, I'm alove but i just can't feel lonely.

This song just came out and it's like perfect!!!!

So this is it... My top 4... Tell me what's the soundtrack of your life, just comment here!! C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dancing Queen!

Can I tell you a secret? I might be a latin girl, but... I don't know how to dance!! Yeah, I know it's kind of weird, but hell? I told you since the first post that I'm a weird person! :D

Hahahaha! So one of my dreams, is to lear how to dance. When I go out with my friends, I just move my body trying to look cool, but I totally look goofy! So I'm gonna start parting more, so I can dance better... Hahaha noo, I was kidding!! But I'm going to start dancing alone in my room, so maybe, one day, I could become a dancing queen!

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The first time I cook in my life

Hello readers... Yesterday was me and my friends anniversary (Since we start in the university we became friends and we make this party every year) well... The thing is that, this year the party was in my house, I was pretty exited but at the same time a bit scare 'cause I promise them, that I was going to cook dinner. (It was gonna be the first time for me cooking).
I went to the supermarket, bought the things I needed and start cooking, I had fun, I cried (Because it seems to be wrong and I wasn't following any recipe ) At the end the result was awesome! The girls loved the food and I have breads for a year...

This are the pictures of the story!!!
Wash the vegetables 
Chop the tomatoes, the onions and some mushrooms
Stir-fry first the onion then the tomatoes and
finally add the mushrooms

Cook it for about 8 minutes
Put the fried veggies in a bowl and add the olives 
Mix it (It was hot and I burned myself)
I bought the dough in the same place I always buy the bread
(Making it was too hard for a beginner)  
Roll out the dough 
Put all the veggies plus the jam over the dough 
Put some flour in the cupcakes tray
Make small balls with the mix and put them into the sheet
Clean the mess before your mother sees it!
The result!! 

Yeah I know, they have a really weird shape... But's the first
time i cook... Don't blame me!

Now let's eat them.

So this is it... That was me trying to cook... BTW the result was really really nice!! C ya tomorrow with a new post!

Friday, May 27, 2011

This is how i see it!

Today's post is gonna be about just pictures... I've been all day, working on this pictures I took a while ago, wen I was in Oxford, Cambridge and London... And I was just editing them with some lightroom!! I strongly recommend you that program!! If you're not gonna do actually changes to the picture, (That's what I use photoshop for) you might prefer Lightroom!

Me eating candy at South Park

My friends Gaby from Ecuador and Aida from Spain at EF Oxford

This is EF Oxford

My friend Aida at South Park

Me and Gaby sunbathing at South Park

Canon yeaaah! I hate Nikon 'cause I love Canon

Me and my best friend from Spain... Nacho

Me and Luie 



Olde sweet shoppe Oxford

Party like a rockstar... South Park, Oxford

Autumn leave 
Lucie! A friend from the Netherlands in London
London Eye

Yeah i know I did't say that much but... This is it so c ya tomorrow with a new post with more text than this one ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friends... Or not

If you erase all the fake people that's around you, there's just gonna be you and maybe 2 or 3 persons.

Today I had an argue with my school mates... ( I wont say friends because i'm angry) They said I wasn't working in a project, actually they never did anything and when I finish the work and sent it to them they say "I don't like it, change it" I said "No i worked too hard on this" and they start insulting me... but much more than that they start screaming (throw the Blackberry, really sad) and saying things I know they will regret... Is not the first time that this happens and I feel really bad about it, because I realized they talk bullshit about people behind their back! And some times I did that too, and it's terrible, is like hating someone just because you don't have anything to do with your own life... 

From now on I proposed to my self a few things, so I can change my life for better:
  1. I wont talk about people behind their back. 
  2. I'll try to pick friends that really appreciate you for how you are.
  3. I wont let people do what I'm supposed to do.
  4. If my friends wanna argue using the BlackBerry I'll call them first.
  5. If anyone is talking bad about someone I'll stop them for doing it.
  6. I won't do any friend-favors to anyone if I know they're not my friends. 
  7. If I have a problem, I'll keep it away from my work.
So now i'm mad... I hope I can get over this really soon, 'cause otherwise i'll have to find or new friends or new work-team.!! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The boring room

Sunday afternoon... If you don't have family's sunday dinner, or if you don't do to church, sunday afternoon might be the most boring part of the week.
For example last sunday I had a family lunch and it was great, but after that, I was so bored that I could dye, of course I didn't hahaha... After wasting a whole hour searching for something to watch on the T.V, I went to sleep at 7... Yeah! That's sad I know but sunday's afternoon just suck! That's why I had been thinking of things we can do to get out of the boring room...

  1. Use your twitter... Maybe you can search people to follow, make your own tweets or look out for quotes to post on your twitter.
  2. If you're a girl you can practice some new makeup and hair styles... You can also make some beauty treatments to start the week fresh like a flower... Maybe to paint your nails can be fun too...
  3. Leran new things on HOWCAST is a website where you can find how to do everything you've ever wonder...
  4. Talk to "long time no see" people... Go into your facebook account and shuffle for people you know but you haven't talk in a while, and send them a poke, an inbox or maybe post a joke on their wall...
  5. Clean your room... I can bet this is the last thing you think of when you're bored, but if your room is a mess and you have plenty of time for doing it, just turn on the music and start with it!!!
  6. Read blogs... Try to find new blogs to follow, comment them and if you have one, try to improve it!
  7. Plan your week and make a time-table, usually I start the week with no clue of what tests, essays or even parties I have for the week... That's why sunday afternoon is a good day to make an schedule. 
  8. Rent a movie, invite your special one and pop the corn... If you really wasted your time reading this and you have a special person in your life, I should punch you... Come on! Nothing can make a boring room happier that the one you love, so invite them over, watch a movie, eat popcorn and stop reading this!!!
  9. Study... Yes sir! I know nobody likes to study at sunday but if you have keeping reading this far, is sunday afternoon, and you still don't know what to do, take your note book and do the smart stuff...
  10. Go into my other blog it's a blog that teach you how to waste  spend your time!!
So this is it... My 10 tips to get out of the boring room... C ya soon with a new post!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make your "I want to do befor I dye" list!!!

A while ago, I was on the cafeteria with my friends, and we started, talking about our wishes and all the things we wanted to do befor dying. So we decide to make "The list" It consist on list all the things (no less than 30 and no more than 100) you wanna do before you dye!! You most have the list with you all the time, so you can make a check mark, when you have done something you had on the list!!!

My list... I can post some things... But not everything so here I post some of my stuff:
  1. Cook a romantic dinner
  2. Adopt a child
  3. Make a movie
  4. Graduate from college
  5. Go to Oxford again
  6. Play tennis
  7. Play with the snow 
  8. Go to Amsterdam
  9. Make an eurotrip
  10. Go to Australia
  11. Adopt a dog
  12. Go to a Cold Play concert
  13. Party in Miami Beach
  14. Get married
  15. Lead a famous blog
  16. Make an incredible photo
  17. Spend 1000$ on shoes
And many others that I won't post! I really think that having targets in your life, is really important to have something to live for... Because hat way, you'd be living he life just as you want! So tell me if you have a wish list and you can comment here some of you wishes...

So.. This is it hope you like it and c ya soon with a new post!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Turn on the music, close your eyes and let it be!

Heve you notice that, sometimes, we are so freaking full that we can not relax, not even for one minute! Well It happens to me a lot, and what I do is: go to into my room, close the door, turn on the music, and just concentrate in thar precise moment, so for 5 minutes, there's no past, no future, just that moment of joy! You should doit too! And I promise you wont regret it... Then, you can tell me how did it maked you feel...

This are some of my favorite song for doing this:

If you know of any other good songs for doing this, let me know... So this is it and c ya soon with a new post

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Me behind the make-up

Hello readers... This morning when I woke up I though about something that girls use every day... And It is make-up...
Sometimes I think is really necessary to wear some, but some other times I think natural beauty is much better. I'm only thinking now about photography for example, people love to make photo-books with full make-up pictures, but I recently realized that the B/W photos for girls with any make-up on are years better than the other ones!!
Of course I'm not telling you to become a hippie and go to your sister wedding with a just waked-up face NOT AT ALL! I'm talking about let it be a little bit and once in a while go out just as you are, just wearing your clothes and a nice smile on your face!

So this is it... C ya soon with a new post!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

If you have a defect don't hyde it... Show it off!!!

Hi people... Let me tell you a story... I used glasses since I was a little girl, but when I was at school the other girls were really mean with me because of my glasses, so when I turn 12 I ask my mother to take me to the doctor to see if I could wear contact lents... In did I start using them, till 2 month ago :o Yeaah!! Apparently I catch some kind of infection in one of my eyes so I can not use my contacts for a while... I had never wear my normal glasses since I was 12 so when I just put them on I hate them!! I felt really ugly, that's why I convince my mom to buy me a new pair... I went to the place, and then, i saw this huge glasses and I thought "maybe i shouldn't hyde this... I'm gonna show them off... That's why you can now see me wearing this pair hahaha!!

BTW: It was pretty awesome that a bunch of people is buying this type of glasses without needing them!!

So this is it... C ya soon with a new post about I don't know yet :p

Friday, May 20, 2011

Living in the extrainning!

That's why my grandpa always say when you ask how's he doing...

To get old... It's my biggest fear ever! I'm afraid of living a life meaningless, and maybe at the end I can regret of how my life was... That's why i'm scared to get old... To get to the end, 'cause it's something i can't avoid if i wanna live a hundred years!

Life is just a little spot in the worlds existence, but for yourself... Your life is everything you'll ever have... I wish that at the end I can listen to Franc Sinatra's song I did it my way and think... His right I did it my way... So for that to happen I must start today building the life i want for me... With my studies, moving to the place I wanna live in, trying to find the person I wanna share my life with... I know is not that easy and a lot of times i'll regret but i hope like the song says... "Regret i had a few, and then again, too few to mention"

What do you expect for your life... What do you think you wanna be in the end... Don't say happy everybody wanna be happy... At the end I want to say "I did it my way"...

This is the Franc Sinatra's song!!!

So this is it... I'm a lit melancholic on here haha but well.. C ya soon with a new post!!!

If you don't like them... Don't date them.

If you didn't like her why did you date her... Is what one of my friends is telling to he other!!!
Hi Followers... How's everything, well i'm ok... A little bit disappoint with this dude I was dating... At the beginning everything seems to be find... He was way older than me by I really never care about it... But yesterday happened the worst thing... He dump me (n) For no reason, he just stopped answering my messages so... I act like a baby and i delate him from my BlackBerry... HUGE MISTAKE 'cause apparently I hit the guy's ego so he didn't assume his mistake and when I called him to talk about it he didn't wanna talk... I tell him I was sorry (Never knew the reason why I should be sorry about) he told me he forgive me WTF?? But he told me we can't date anymore... And then I knew he never really liked me...

So please guys and girls if you don't like someone who really likes you DON'T DATE THEM!! Dating is not to pay favors or a pity stuff so... Is not your obligation to date someone and if you used to like them but then something changed tell them the truth don't wait till the person do something a lit stupid to dump them.

So this is it... As you can see it wasn't a nice day but... I'll see you soon with a new post!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things that happens when you live alone

Sometimes... Specially when you're about 18 to 21 you think it's time to fly out of the nest and live alone... Well I know it 'cause i'm doing it... This are some of the things you might be fighting with when you start living alone:

1- Super-market: At the beggining it sounds amazing... Come on you think... "I can buy anything i wan" and you'll do it for about 3 weeks... Then it's gonna be awfull... For example watch my picture... I thought that i could survive eating things like those... Guess what IS NOT POSSIBLE hahaha after 3 weeks i was dying to eat a healthy home-made soup...

2- Doing the loundery: For me it was terrible 'cause i never wash anything before so... The first day I cry 'cause i spent all my money in the wrong machine... So be ware and practice at home!

3- Making friends: When you first go out of town usually is hard to make new friends, and most of all... You have to know not everyone can be your friend... Stay away from the bad students and from the party crazy people and you'll do it just fine!

4- Being sick: Yeah that's a problem 'cause at home when you're sick mommy makes you soup... Well not anymore so i hope you make some nice friends who can take care of you while this!!

5-Missing home: Of course you'll miss your place but... At the end it will worth it :)

So if you are planning to live alone let me tell you not everything is funn... It has it's dark side! So this is it... If you have any suggestions or qst you can just comment!! So c ya soon with a new post!!