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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The first time I cook in my life

Hello readers... Yesterday was me and my friends anniversary (Since we start in the university we became friends and we make this party every year) well... The thing is that, this year the party was in my house, I was pretty exited but at the same time a bit scare 'cause I promise them, that I was going to cook dinner. (It was gonna be the first time for me cooking).
I went to the supermarket, bought the things I needed and start cooking, I had fun, I cried (Because it seems to be wrong and I wasn't following any recipe ) At the end the result was awesome! The girls loved the food and I have breads for a year...

This are the pictures of the story!!!
Wash the vegetables 
Chop the tomatoes, the onions and some mushrooms
Stir-fry first the onion then the tomatoes and
finally add the mushrooms

Cook it for about 8 minutes
Put the fried veggies in a bowl and add the olives 
Mix it (It was hot and I burned myself)
I bought the dough in the same place I always buy the bread
(Making it was too hard for a beginner)  
Roll out the dough 
Put all the veggies plus the jam over the dough 
Put some flour in the cupcakes tray
Make small balls with the mix and put them into the sheet
Clean the mess before your mother sees it!
The result!! 

Yeah I know, they have a really weird shape... But's the first
time i cook... Don't blame me!

Now let's eat them.

So this is it... That was me trying to cook... BTW the result was really really nice!! C ya tomorrow with a new post!


Dani González Araujo said...

Queradon riquísimos! Los ví y me provocó jejejeje

Ata Alibrandi said...

Bueno antes de irme... (59 días) hacemos otra vez!!!