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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I (heart) junk food!

It's from a year ago... But is related to the post and I took it :p
Hello readers!!
Today, I was talking with myself, thinking about all those campaigns against junk food... In my opinion, of course eating too much fries (chips in UK) is not good for anyone, but at the same time, if you eat too much of anything it wont be healthy ether!! Even water... So I think the campaigns should talk about things you also should eat, like fruits or veggies, and that things. Because "hello" I have a right! I'm a free person, and I don't want anyone to tell me what I must eat. Eating junk food once in a while won't hurt me, or you, or anyone... I eat fast food once a week and I'm not fat! This is my top 5 restaurants of not always so  fast food!!
1) McDonalds
2) Burger king
3) Taco Bell (If we had that in Venezuela)
4) Subway
5) Pizza Hut

So this is it... Be happy, eat healthy, but take a little rest once in a while... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Eau de Parfum!

Hello readers!!

Today's post is about perfumes!! I just came up with this idea when I visit this blog Pandora's box this morning!! That girl posted something about the good, the bad and the ugly..! I recommend you to read it...

So today... I decide to post pictures with all my perfumes and how does they make me feel... So maybe this could be an advice for girls, 'cause some times, there's so many perfumes that is hard to choose it! And for boys... If you're planing to give a present to any girl... Maybe the way I see it can be useful!

Romance - Ralph Lauren
I really love this one... I always use it when i'm going out with someone I really like, it makes me feel like kind of sexy!

24 Faubourg - Hermes
This perfume is really strong, and I use it for formal dinners, and important events, it makes me feel like I'm from the royal family!!

Elle - Emporio Armani
This one has a really particular smell, for me is like a good-luck thing... I use it just for the University, when I have to take a hard exam or something!

Spirit - Antonio Banderas
This one is my travel perfume, my father gave it to me in a trip to the South Pole, it was a great trip, so I use it every time I'm going to the airport and that things!..

Io - La perla
I have this one since I was like 12 years old, I only use it for family things, like small parties, special lunches, maybe even christmas!

Shalimar - Guerlain
This perfume, it's pretty old, it was invented on the 20's. Every girl should have one, is like a classic. I rally don't think I use it pretty much, but unless it looks classy. It smells like you just take a long bath with essential salts!

Very Irresistible - Givenchy
This one is one of my favorites! Specially when I'm going out to a club, dressing sexy... This totally completes the look... I don't know how it does it, but it has a really sexy fragrance.

The one (rose) - Donce & Gabbana
Soft fragrance, it's like the perfect one for a relax look, going out to have some coffee with you're friends? This one is the perfume you should wear! At least I know I'll wear it!

Halloween - J del Pozo
An Spanish perfume, the smell is really peculiar, if you want someone to remember you, use it! I don't know how, but I use it like for 3 weeks everyday, and then people start telling me that every time they smell the fragrance they remember me, so... Do you wan't him to remember you? Use it!!

Flor - Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Really sweet, it's like, if you're gonna have picnic, you should wear it... It smells like spring! Mine is almost over, and I think I'll buy a new one, 'cause I really liked it!

Dolce Vita - Christian Dior
This is the pure smell of the easy life, when I wear it, I feel like I'm living the dream... It's like everything in your life is perfect! I love it!!!

#5, #19, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, Allure - Chanel
Every girl who likes perfumes should have at least one of this 5 Chanels!! For me, the Chanel is, and always be... The perfume of the high class for excellence! I have 5... But if you don't have any, and want to buy your first Chanel, buy the #5!!

Today's song --> La vie en Rose - Edith Piaf 

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new less girly post!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cupcake time!!

Hello readers!!

Today's a very special day... Because it's the birthday of 2 friends of mine... Vicky and Tati!! One is in Spain so I wont see her, and Tati is here and I'll see her tonight!

For this supper special occasion I decided to bake some cupcakes!! Believe it or not, I'm the worst cook ever, the only thing I can do is cupcakes... From many flavors, chocolate, vanilla, creamy ones... And othe kinds.

I'm taking the cupcakes for tonight's party and I hope people likes them!!

Today's song --> California Girls - Katy Perry

So this is it... A not really long post, C ya tomorow with a new post!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Venezuelan prom!

My sister and her BF at prom
Hello readers!
Yesterday I was on my sister prom... She's graduating from high school, so we had been going to formal events since monday. But, the big thing was yesterday... I'm talking about the party!!!

It was in a huge ballroom, all the girls were wearing long dresses and all the boys were in tuxedos. The food was spectacular, they had all kind of liquors, the music, the sound, the people, it was all supper nice. But, I really don't think that you know how's a prom in Venezuela... Let me explain you...

First, you have to book the ballroom a year earlier, Why? Because it's the best ballroom in Caracas "La Esmeralda" (The Emerald) and everybody wants it! It's big enough to fit 700 people (More or less the number of people there)
Then you got to do all the plans about the food, the security, the beverage... But i really don't know a lot about it...

Anyway, to get to the party you had to buy the invitation 500 bsF (150 us $) and the invitation will be request in the door! By the security guards. If you don't have it, you wont enter... They don't want un-invitated people)

The party supposed to start at 8, but of course everybody get there at 10:30... If you get there at 8 you'll look like a desperate person or something, in Venezuela is actually rude to be on time!

When you get there, and go throw the security scanner, you find the photographers (4 or 5 with their huge cameras and flashes) there you have your 5 minutes of fame... Flashes, lights and everything the graduating needs to shine!

Inside, in the ballroom, every family gets a table, with your name on it, pretty nice... And the waitress coming and going, with shelves full of the most delicious food you can imagine!

The party would last till 5 am in the morning, when all the graduates are kind of drunk, because here, it doesn't matter if you're underage (17 mostly) they all gonna drink, and their parents know, and it's ok, not big deal, and I'm not talking about beer NOT! I'm talking about whiskey and rum!! All the parents actually payed a lot to have liquor at the party!

The music, the lights, the dresses... Pictures everywhere, you cry, you scream, you dance, you fool around... That's a prom in Venezuela...

So tell me how's it in your country...

Today's song --> Graduation song - Vitamin C

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby time!

Hello readers!!
Today (just like 5 minutes ago) I was in the pharmacy with my sister... And when we were about to pay for the new makeup and stuff, we saw those candies in my picture...

We both look at them and laugh, because when we were little girls, my mom didn't like to buy those kind of candies! Because of the dyes, and acid flavors. But this time, I said to my self: "I'm old enough to have my own credit card, so I can buy the Baby Pops!" For a moment, I felt like I was doing what I wanted (Yeah I'm a bad girl... Buying candies muaaahahaha) not... But I was happy enough to lock myself in the car, with Ale (my sister) by my side, and start eating the Baby Pop... We were acting like babies... But those small things, usually are the greatest things in life...

Today's song --> Soul sister - Train

So this is it... An small post for a small but meaning full thing!! C ya tomorrow with a new more reflexive post!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hello readers!
This days, I was on my friend's beach house... That's why I had no time to post new things!
Summer is here, you can feel it, (it's really warm) you can smell it (it smells like a mix of sea water, Copertone and Doritos), you can see it (many people sunbathing everywhere, wearing shorts and sandals, changing their hair color...)

So the last couple of days I went to my friend house, it was awesome, just the girls... I was kind of scared about it, Sometimes I really think I prefer being with guys rather than with girls, but this one was not the case, it was pretty nice actually, and I think we all enjoy the moment.
My plans for this vacations are really familiars, if I'm moving out in September, I wanna spend most of the time with my parents and my sister... A beach day with them as I posted recently...

Tell me what are your plans for this summer vacations... Are you planing to travel? Or would you stay home?

Today's song --> One Love - Glee Cast

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't avoid reality

That's my sister old pic but she looks like she's dealing with some troubles
Hello readers!!
As you might now, every morning, when I wake up, I send a "morning quote" to all my blackberry contacts. Today's quote was: "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality" 

Sometimes, we are just so full of reality that we want to scape, and act as if you're living a simple life, but, that doesn't mean that your life is gonna be simple, maybe, because of that, your life might turn more complicated because your avoiding your responsibilities. For example if I act like I'm not leaving Venezuela, as this were normal summer vacations, that wont help me, maybe if I take that attitude I'll end supper stress with hundred of things to do in the end of the summer, or even worse, maybe the consequence of avoiding my reality, take me to loose this chance of going to Spain!

I know It sounds a little too serious for me, and for the common of my older posts, but I really think that avoiding the reality for more than 1 hour, can cause serious damages to the rest of your life.

Today's song --> I'm not afraid - Eminem

So this is it!! C ya (not tomorrow 'cause I'm going to the beach) but, friday with a new more freedom-style post!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.

Hello readers! Last night I went to bed really late, ‘cause I was watching a movie in Cuevana. After it was finish I realized that I already knew what was about to happen, it was kind of sad, so it made me think… Why do we watch movies that we already know the end? I can’t tell you I’ll stop watching them, ‘cause is not truth, after all, those movies have something that I like, an unreal ending, a fairy tail end…

But speaking of great movies, those that really change something deep inside like: Titanic, Life is beautiful, The little princess (Click for a summary)

Those are movies that has something magical, maybe they make you cry, maybe thy make you think, or change something of yourself.

My favorite movie from those I already mention before is:
The little princess <-- Click to watch it. I don’t know maybe it’s the music, the story (I’m obsess with orphans), the photography, (every scene can be a beautiful photograph) I don’t know. I just know it has something that makes it my favorite movie from all times.
Do you have a favorite noncommercial-movie? Tell me about it

Today's song --> My heart will go on - Celine Dion 

So this is it… C ya tomorrow with a new post

Monday, July 18, 2011

The greatest weakness of all is the great fear of appearing weak

Do you think you’re strong enough to say to the world what’s your weakness? 

I’m not! Many times I had think about this… Maybe all my problems are there, just because I’m not strong enough to say, accepted and overcome my persona issue.

Yesterday I was watching The Glee Project on Fox… And they where singing this song “Mad World”. That for some reason, every time I hear it I can’t avoid crying. In the show, the guys were wearing big signs with their weakness written. And I though, if I were on the show, I’d had to lie about it.

Being insecure is not good for anyone, it makes you do stupid things sometimes, make the wrong decisions, or even do things you don’t wanna do, just because you’re afraid.

For my own happiness I can say that, I’m not alone, I know that! Everybody has something to hide. And I’m not talking about something material, I’m talking about feelings, emotions, way to see the world, perspective, their past or their future.

If all of us were a little bit more tolerant, maybe this could be a happier world, but that’s just how I see it…

Today’s song is: Mad World --> Gary Jules

So this is it… C ya tomorrow with a new post!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beach day!

Hello readers!!
Today I went to the beach with my family... It was a family trip, but not one of those pretty boring trips, noo... This one was amazing... And I have pictures to prove it...

This is "La Tortuga" an Island in Venezuela!!

Today's song --> Sun is shinning - Bob Marley

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'd pay to do it!

This was not one of the pictures, but I don't have the rights of the pictures,
but I also edit, and took this one (That's my sister)
Hello readers!!
Today's post isn't about something I'm thinking about or anything... Today's post is about doing what you love to do and get paid for it!

I don't know if I had mention it before, but I always work with photoshop... Just for fun, I edit my own pictures, I change the color of them, I change the people on the background and those kind of stuff... But I'm not saying I do this once in a year, noo... I do this a lot, with almost all my pictures, because it's something I enjoy doing...

So the other day I was in the car with a friend of my uncle, and she told me, she was really worried about some photographs that should be edited for the next week, I'm not a very outgoing person, but I told her "I work on photoshop, if you want to I can try" She say yes, and I did it!! It wasn't that hard... At least It wasn't hard for me, I really enjoy doing it.

So today, I got paid, and I had so much fun doing the work that I could it do it for free!.. Of course I'm glad that I didn't 'cause now I can buy some new things :D But I was thinking, that's the kind of job everyone should do... Something that you'll do for free!

Today's song --> Por la boca vive el pez - Fito y los fitipaldis (It's an spanish song)

So this is it... I'm really happy and c ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I wanna go back!

Hello readers...
This time I won't say yesterday, or last night, or a while ago... I'm gonna say right now!! 

Right now I was thinking of how old I have become... And I'm not talking about gray hair (thanks God I'm only 21!!) I'm talking about that I was thinking about my past and all those beautiful moments I lived and now, they are just memories (Lucky me, my dad used to film everything so I can see how my life used to be).

I remember things that, supposed to be normal, not amazing things, just the day by day... I remember when my grandma Teresa used to pick me up in my english lessons, and we walked back home eating sugar bread. 

I remember when I played with the legos in my nonna's house (Nonna is grandma in italian)... I remember my Nonno calling me "bella" and hiding cinnamon gum, but no to hide that I couldn't find it!

I remember my piano lessons, my ballet classes, my first school... I remember watching cinderella 3 times in one day... 
I remember so many things that made my life so happy... That some times I just wanna travel back in time to those years. I'm not saying my life isn't wonderful right now... Because it is! I'm just saying that time goes by so fucking fast... One day you're playing with Barbie's car, and the next day you're driving your own one!! 
So my advice to you is... Don't waste your time, live your life fully and try to remember everything like it is, 'cause one day, what seems to be for ever is gonna get to the end..!

Today's song --> The scientist - Cold play

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new happier post!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday morning!

Hello readers...
Do you know, I just realized how many things I'm gonna miss from here, it doesn't mean I don't wanna leave, and live my life, no... It means things like this are the little details we forget to give thanks of...

For example, today's post is not much about reading, I'm just gonna put the pictures I took of the last typical sunday morning in my house, family time, a thing, that I'll miss where ever I am!!!

So yeah... That's how my sundays looks like... And that's why I'm gonna miss them!!

Today's song --> Tonight tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

So this is it... Tell me about a family tradition you have!! C ya soon with a new post!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The perfect date!!

My sister and her boyfriend used my laptop without my permission,
so I publish the picture they took!! 
Hello readers!!
Last night I was dreaming about the perfect date, a date that I never had this far... I don't need a prince charming, just a true-inlove guy!

My perfect date would start at 7 pm... He will pick me up in his car, open the door for me and give flowers! He... wearing a tuxedo. Me... wearing a pale pink dress. We would go to a restaurant... It would be a full moon night, and we'd sit outside, drinking champagne and listening to the jazz group from the place, latter on, the band would start playing a slow, romantic song, and he'd ask me to dance... (My first slow dance with a guy)
At the end of the evening he'd drive me home, and in the front door, finally, he'd give the magical-movie-goodnight kiss!

Yeah, and then we would fly into a fairy tale!! NOT... I know this things never happen in real life, and I don't really mind, it's just a dream, a fantasy of the perfect date with my dreamed, perfect guy.

Today's song --> The way I love you - The BeeGees

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new less tacky post!!!