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Saturday, September 17, 2011

10 guys + 1 girl

Hello readers!!

As you might now, i´m in Valencia, Spain... I don´t have many girl friends now, so i´m hanging out with a friend called Charley (Carlos), that´s living here!..

So I realized that for the last 2 weeks I´ve been just with guys, his friends all the time... It´s nice, actually it´s nicer that I expect! Playing poker, going to night clubs! I´m glad to have him here! I´m happy with his friends but, I keep thinking... Maybe it will be nice to have girl frinds.. But at the same time, I still have a really hard feeling for my venezuelan friends, so maybe, and just maybe, that´s why I prefered to be with guys!..

Todays song --- I don´t have one cause this isn´t my computer

C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is how I live now!!!

Hello readers!..

As I promise you in my last post!.. Here are some pics of my normal day here!.. Nooo I don't have party pictures yet haha!..

Living in Valencia, Spain; it's like living in NY, USA... Not because the cities are the same, but because the cities has nothing to be with the rest of the country!.. I'm glad to be here, I'm really happy, now, to be completely happy, I just have to make friends hahaha (It's harder than it seems) but at least I have 2 persons living here that I knew from before!.. :)

Valencia, and Spain flags

My everyday breakfast 

The streetcar I take everyday

Moncada, where my university is!..

My university


My university 

Main door of my uni!

My classroom and my classmates 

The metro... It doesn't go underground 

My residence 
Today's song --> 100 years - Five for fighting 

So pretty much this is it!.. I'll c ya tomorrow with a new post!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A promise for you!

Hello readers!..

I just came back from College Yeahhh! Today I was thinking, that I already have being in Valencia for one and a half week and I haven't take not even 1 nice picture!.. So, this post is just to promise you, that tomorrow I'll play a game, I'm gonna take the camera and take pictures of my common day here!!!

Today I wanna talk about making a routine. Before coming here I didn't knew I was such a routine person!.. I need to do kind of the same things every day!.. So I just have 1 week here and I already have a routine!.. Do you have a routine?

This is so strong, I mean the routine thing, that I'm like dying because I haven't plan witch day to change the bed sheets, or to wash the cloths!.. It's driving me crazy.. I don't know if I should do it on sunday or monday or friday hahaha. Pretty weird ugh?

Well now, I have to go, lets see if I figured out what to do haha.

Today's song --> Save the world - Swedish House Mafia

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post full of pictures hopefully!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I love being cool!..

Hello readers!!

With this title, of course I don't mean being cool, as a cool, popular person, because you better than I, know that I'm not!.. I mean being cool, living with air conditioner!!!

Here, Valencia, is a very hot city, near to the beach, without clouds, it's always like "perfect to take a small plane and fly", but it has the bad side... You cannot live happy without air conditioner! Even more me, that I always use it, it doesn't matter if it's cold outside!..

My roommate kind of hate using the air conditioner, like all the people in Spain, so it's like a cold war, to see if I turn it on, latter she turn it off and vice-versa.

Don't you love being cold enough to put some sucks on and a comfortable sweater..? Well I do... And I'll fight for that right till the end of my days here

Today's song --> Baby it's cold outside - Glee project

So this is it... I'll see ya tomorrow with a new post :)  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is my room/house?

Hello readers!

This weekend I was in Madrid, but now i'm back... Everything is fine, but I think, i just realized i'm about to live in a room :s it doesn't sound that nice!.. And I don't have friends yet so, i'm kind of "scared"

When we live in a house, we stay all the time in our room... Why? Don't know, to feel you have your own space? Like your personal spot in the house!.. But now, that I moved out, and I'm actually living in a room, I feel like i'm gonna miss my house!..

This are some of the pics of my "house/room" it's nice!.. I think..!

The view

Today's song --> Algo distinto - Rawayana (Click on it and watch the video)

So this is it... I hope I can get back to my normal posts soon!! C ya tomorrow with a new post!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Valencia!

Old picture... I haven't had the time to take any here!

It's finally working!!

Hello readers... After 2 weeks blogger is finally working for me... I think it was a problem in Venezuela or something!..

The thing is that... I'm in Valencia - Spain!! Finally, after all the things you read before, I got here last saturday, and today is the first day I have a little time for myself and for my blog!..

The city... In 2 words: "Just amazing" I've never met people so gentle in my life before, everyone is like so happy all the time, if you have a question for them, or you don't understand something, they explain you whatever you want with a smile on their face!..

The residence... The residence's name is "Colegio Mayor Galileo Galilei" it's a huge place, full of students from all over the world, the rooms are really big, my roommate is like supper nice, the place is really near to the beach (I loved the beach... It's pretty similar to Ford Lauderdale) We have this little balcony in the room, where you can go out and talk to the people in the front room... Love it!

The university... Incredible, CEU Cardenal Herrera a very big building in a near town to Valencia, we have a whole building just for the audio visual sets!.. The teachers are really great, and because it's a private university we are like 16 students per class, so, it means that we have 1 professional camera (Like a t.v studio's camera) for  almost every student!.. The class main project is to make a videoclip of a song, a non famous song!.. I'll post it when I have it!..

So I'm totally exited and I hope it gets better and better every time!..

Today's song --> Loca People - Sak Noel

So this is it... C ya tomorrow (routine again haha) with a new post!