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Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Valencia!

Old picture... I haven't had the time to take any here!

It's finally working!!

Hello readers... After 2 weeks blogger is finally working for me... I think it was a problem in Venezuela or something!..

The thing is that... I'm in Valencia - Spain!! Finally, after all the things you read before, I got here last saturday, and today is the first day I have a little time for myself and for my blog!..

The city... In 2 words: "Just amazing" I've never met people so gentle in my life before, everyone is like so happy all the time, if you have a question for them, or you don't understand something, they explain you whatever you want with a smile on their face!..

The residence... The residence's name is "Colegio Mayor Galileo Galilei" it's a huge place, full of students from all over the world, the rooms are really big, my roommate is like supper nice, the place is really near to the beach (I loved the beach... It's pretty similar to Ford Lauderdale) We have this little balcony in the room, where you can go out and talk to the people in the front room... Love it!

The university... Incredible, CEU Cardenal Herrera a very big building in a near town to Valencia, we have a whole building just for the audio visual sets!.. The teachers are really great, and because it's a private university we are like 16 students per class, so, it means that we have 1 professional camera (Like a t.v studio's camera) for  almost every student!.. The class main project is to make a videoclip of a song, a non famous song!.. I'll post it when I have it!..

So I'm totally exited and I hope it gets better and better every time!..

Today's song --> Loca People - Sak Noel

So this is it... C ya tomorrow (routine again haha) with a new post!

1 comment:

Pandora`s Box said...

Yaaay you made it to Spain! I'm so excited for you :) Everything sounds perfect. I hope everything works out brilliantly for you.Missed your posts Follow your dreams....