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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A healthy diet is really important if you want to have a happy life

I took this picture for a photography project called 24 hours... The thing was that i had to take pictures of one person's day during 24 hours so i choose my sister...

People is always worried about dieting... But I think that not eating is not the answer, 'cause it makes you mad and sad and some times can be really bad for your health. If you really want to diet all you got to do is eat healthier... If you start loving healthy food you'll probably get slimmer than you are now... For example people like sup but they put pasta on it... Why don't you try putting carrots, potatoes and chicken instead of pasta... That way it would be healthier and you'll feel as full as you were eating a pasta sup :)

I'm posting this that is really different from everything before 'cause i think the world is like having troubles with food... There's not normal people anymore... There's just anorexic people or supper fat people... So maybe if we all change a bit our eating habits we can be healthy people again... Don't know it's just a suggestion... Any way if you want to learn more about this here i give you some links to good healthy pages :p

So this is it... If you have any suggestions or qst you can just comment!! So c ya soon with a new post!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Go after your goals!

I took this picture this sunday in a 10 kilometers competition in Caracas!!

Even if you wanna be an engineer or if you wanna be a dancer, don't ever stop following your dream!
A goal is a very important part of the life, is a reason to keep walking, to stand up, to know why you're doing this. You should start with small targets in a short period like a month or a year, different steps that would help you to get what you really want for your life.
For example some times we get frustrated because things we thought were really important for us are not working... Well maybe that's not your destiny, maybe you should be more realistic about your life... It doesn't mean to be a mediocre it means to know what you can really do... For example I can't say that my goal is to be a doctor if i'm scared to blood. But i CAN say I wanna be a film director some day 'cause I'm studying for that and I'm doing everything I can to rice that goal!!
So this is it!! Don't stop believing and run after your goals!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A friend for my whole life

Hello readers well this is Vicky my best friend, she doesn't live in the same country as me so it's kind of hard for our friendship but anyway when we are together is the best of the best! That day we were at her house cooking and was really fun!!

In all our life we meet a lot of people... Some of them might become your friends for a while, others you'd forget them in no time but, unless for me, is really important to keep at least one friend for my entire life!
We all have best friends, class mates, neighbors... But usually one day maybe for a reason maybe not you simply forget about them and they just stay in your memories, at your pictures and maybe even at your facebook... Well my life gold is to keep one special friend always by my side... So you wanna do the same as me?? You should 'cause it's awesome to have the bestest of the best friends!!!

So this is it!! C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!