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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Venezuelan prom!

My sister and her BF at prom
Hello readers!
Yesterday I was on my sister prom... She's graduating from high school, so we had been going to formal events since monday. But, the big thing was yesterday... I'm talking about the party!!!

It was in a huge ballroom, all the girls were wearing long dresses and all the boys were in tuxedos. The food was spectacular, they had all kind of liquors, the music, the sound, the people, it was all supper nice. But, I really don't think that you know how's a prom in Venezuela... Let me explain you...

First, you have to book the ballroom a year earlier, Why? Because it's the best ballroom in Caracas "La Esmeralda" (The Emerald) and everybody wants it! It's big enough to fit 700 people (More or less the number of people there)
Then you got to do all the plans about the food, the security, the beverage... But i really don't know a lot about it...

Anyway, to get to the party you had to buy the invitation 500 bsF (150 us $) and the invitation will be request in the door! By the security guards. If you don't have it, you wont enter... They don't want un-invitated people)

The party supposed to start at 8, but of course everybody get there at 10:30... If you get there at 8 you'll look like a desperate person or something, in Venezuela is actually rude to be on time!

When you get there, and go throw the security scanner, you find the photographers (4 or 5 with their huge cameras and flashes) there you have your 5 minutes of fame... Flashes, lights and everything the graduating needs to shine!

Inside, in the ballroom, every family gets a table, with your name on it, pretty nice... And the waitress coming and going, with shelves full of the most delicious food you can imagine!

The party would last till 5 am in the morning, when all the graduates are kind of drunk, because here, it doesn't matter if you're underage (17 mostly) they all gonna drink, and their parents know, and it's ok, not big deal, and I'm not talking about beer NOT! I'm talking about whiskey and rum!! All the parents actually payed a lot to have liquor at the party!

The music, the lights, the dresses... Pictures everywhere, you cry, you scream, you dance, you fool around... That's a prom in Venezuela...

So tell me how's it in your country...

Today's song --> Graduation song - Vitamin C

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

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