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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I wanna go back!

Hello readers...
This time I won't say yesterday, or last night, or a while ago... I'm gonna say right now!! 

Right now I was thinking of how old I have become... And I'm not talking about gray hair (thanks God I'm only 21!!) I'm talking about that I was thinking about my past and all those beautiful moments I lived and now, they are just memories (Lucky me, my dad used to film everything so I can see how my life used to be).

I remember things that, supposed to be normal, not amazing things, just the day by day... I remember when my grandma Teresa used to pick me up in my english lessons, and we walked back home eating sugar bread. 

I remember when I played with the legos in my nonna's house (Nonna is grandma in italian)... I remember my Nonno calling me "bella" and hiding cinnamon gum, but no to hide that I couldn't find it!

I remember my piano lessons, my ballet classes, my first school... I remember watching cinderella 3 times in one day... 
I remember so many things that made my life so happy... That some times I just wanna travel back in time to those years. I'm not saying my life isn't wonderful right now... Because it is! I'm just saying that time goes by so fucking fast... One day you're playing with Barbie's car, and the next day you're driving your own one!! 
So my advice to you is... Don't waste your time, live your life fully and try to remember everything like it is, 'cause one day, what seems to be for ever is gonna get to the end..!

Today's song --> The scientist - Cold play

So this is it... C ya tomorrow with a new happier post!!


YazmiinAktar said...

ahh this is such a great post, and true words right there!

live everyday as if it were your last!

[] xx
[] xx

Ata Alibrandi said...

Carpe diem my friend!! Thanks 4 your comment!