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Friday, June 24, 2011


Every time you choose something over another thing, you're making a decision, those decisions affect a lot of people, we usually think, that a decision is something we take for ourselves that's only gonna change things for us... But is not like that... I'm  gonna show you an example...

This weekend is a long weekend, we didn't have work or classes today, so everybody is going out of the city, to the beach, to the feels and other places. My family choose to go to the farm, I was happy about it, I always have a nice time when I go there, but then my best friend told me to go to the beach, he told me many people was going, so he convinced me to go with them, that's why yesterday I told my family I wasn't going to the farm, I was going to the beach. They weren't happy about it, actually they were mad, because I told them in the last minute, and now I'm going to the beach with a kind of bad feeling inside :s

So, now I'm wondering, if I resolved to go to the beach that late, maybe I should go to the farm and forget about the beach? 'Cause now all my family is like mad at me, and of course, i'm not happy ether. I think that for the next time I'll think a little bit more how my chooses afec others, not because I'm a selfish person, but decisions are not a personal issue anymore.

Today's song: Give me everything - Pitbul

So this is it, C ya on monday (I'm gonna be out of town) with a new post...!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

By the way: I still think you are the most beautiful person on earth! It sounds strange, but I think I'm in love with you a little bit