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Friday, August 5, 2011

Ata's manual

Hello Readers!

Recently a friend of mine told me, that she was reading my blog, she like some post, and dislike others!.. But what she really find interesting, is that and I'm quoting her "It seems like a manual to understand you"

As I told you on my first post (if anybody read it) I'm a different person... I don't act as an usual girl, I have my own way to see life, and I'm not afraid of saying what's on my mind!.. For example, yesterday I was mad, and angry, today I was totally happy and positive... Is not like I'm bipolar, it's just that for me a problem shouldn't last more than a couple of ours, if it does, it completely freak me out!

If I really had to write a manual of how I am, I would say that I'm not complicated, but i'm not easy, I'm just different, and If you learn how to treat me, you'll love me!! (Ego growing here hahaha) I could say that, the world is used to windows, and I'm a mac!!

Here I left you some quotes that might describe me, and maybe they can describe you as well... After all, if you're reading my blog, you're not too different from me, and this manual could be also yours!

"Maybe I'm not awesome... Anyway I'm not even trying!"

"Life's too short to be with an asshole!"

"Never sacrifice who you are just because someone else has a problem with it."

"If I had learn something about life, I can resume it in 3 words: It goes on!"

"I'm not in love, I'm just happy with him! If that's love... So be it!"

"I'm not losing my time with you... I'm spending it!"

If you wanna stay inspired... Ignore the qst "what's the point?"

Today's song --> I need new songs so... There's not a today's song

So this is it... A little more about me! Tell me about you... What quotes speak for you? C ya tomorrow with a new post!!!

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