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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I hate Thursdays!!

Ugly new hair style, I'm angry, glasses forever, moneyless 

Hello readers!

I'm in a supper bad mood, first 'cause I hate my new look, I dyed my hair, and I look like a freaking zebra! I had an argue with a friend, I figurate out I can't get the operation (because I have a stupid thing in my eye), and I'm money less (Because I pay like 100$ for my ugly new look)

Ok... Actually this is not the first thursday that this kind of things happen to me, It's just like the worst day of the week, everything goes wrong for me at thursdays. I'm so mad and upset right now that I want to cry. I don't wanna get out of this room ever!

I think that bad luck, come to us 'cause we believe in it... I start thinking thursday was my unlucky day, like a year ago... For no reason, every thursday I used to be on a bad mood, watching tv, no new comments on facebook, fighting with my friends... Don't know but I wish I could change it, I had try to change my perspective from this day, but it simply doesn't work...

Today's song --> S.O.S - Good Charlotte

So this is it... If you have any advice come on... Don't be afraid I'm mad but I wont eat you!! C ya tomorrow with a new post!


Pandora`s Box said...

I come in peace :) *waves a white flag* I hope youre feeling better as its friday now. Cant u go back to the hairstylist and tell them youre not happy with the result and ask them to fix it without charging more. I cant really see your hair properly in this pic so cant comment on how it looks. Maybe my post below will cheer u up. Its full of colorful handbags :)
My latest post:

Ata Alibrandi said...

Hahaha thank you for your advice... That's what I'm gonna do tomorrow!! I didn't cut it or anything... They just maked those ugly yellow (not blonde) YELLOW streakers hate it toooo much!